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Best Baa Dairy

Nicole from Best Baa Dairy        Best Baa Cheese


Fergus, ON
Owned By:
Peter and Nicole Bzikot
  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
Year Round
Growing Practices:
Best Baa uses non-homogenized ewe's milk as the basis for most of their cheeses, all of which is sourced from within 100km of their facility! They source milk from farmers who pasture feed their flocks in the warmer months and supply them with alfalfa hay in winter. Their diets are not supplemented with corn or soya products. Their packaging is recyclable and BPA free.
Tasting Notes:
Eweda Cru - This raw milk cheese is aged for a minimum of 9 months. It has a slightly crumbly texture that's still smooth on the tongue. Its rich, earthy aroma leads beautifully towards a nutty, grassy and creamy flavour.
Feta - This traditional Greek style feta is tangy and full with hints of lemon. It's delicious on its own or used to enhance your favourite dish.
Ramembert - This small, bloom ripened cheese is available made from raw or pasteurized milk. The paste is creamy and smooth with an earthy, mushroomy aroma.
Mouton Rouge - This mild yet pleasing cheese has a fresh and grassy aroma. The nutty rind contrasts beautifully with the mild, slightly buttery inner paste. A lingering creaminess remains on the palette.
Producer Website:


Best Baa is a small dairy in Fergus, ON. Eric and Elisabeth moved with their flock from Manitoba to Ontario in 1998 and it was then they learned of the growing demand for sheep's milk. After researching European production of sheep's milk cheese, they discovered their flock was the best breed to produce milk for cheese!

Sheep's milk retains the same volume when turned into cheese, which removes the need for thickeners. It's a great alternative for those who are sensitive to cow's milk. Best Baa also places a top priority on animal welfare and understand that they are stewards of the land. They utilize the 'Five Freedoms' guidelines for their herd, which comprises of freedom from hunger and thirst; freedom from fear and disease; freedom from discomfort; freedome from pain and injury; and freedom from to express natural, normal behaviour.


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